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How much Spill Containment do you need?

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ENPAC On The Job - Manufacturing

ENPAC is On The Job at this American Manufacturers plant. American Made, Mother Nature Approved.

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The ENPAC Group

The ENPAC Group consists of four manufacturing companies located throughout the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Comprised of ENPAC LLC, PolyFlex LLC, Black Diamond Eco Solutions LLC, and Phoenix Associates LLC, ENPAC Group focuses on bringing high quality products and innovative solutions to market. With a diverse and extensive line, ENPAC Group is sure to offer [...]

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Product Update: Storm Sentinel Part Number Changes

Effective immediately, ENPAC has restructured the part numbers for the Storm Sentinel product line. The products and packaging have not changed. A detailed list is provided below. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact ENPAC’s Customer Service Department at 800-936-7229 or by e-mailing us at for further details.

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ENPAC MBA's Help an Argentinian Startup “Catch Fire”

Among the classes that I teach at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University, one of my favorites is our International Institute, which includes a week long trip during our spring break. I’ve led groups of students to Morocco, Hungary, Chile, and, most recently, Argentina.We always hit a few interesting tourist spots [...]

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ENPAC featured in Aim2Flourish with Exemplar Recognition

ENPAC and our sister company Black Diamond ECO Solutions LLC is proud to be featured in Aim2Flourish with Exemplar Recognition under the title "Rainwater Catching to Preserve Water Globally" by Humzah A. Quereshy.View the full article at: 

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Product Update: Stinger PolyBerm Containment Systems – New Sizes

The ENPAC Stinger PolyBerm Containment Systems are now available in new standard 3’ and 4’ sidewall heights.The previously offered sizes are now discontinued and have been replaced as follows:Discontinued Sizes/Items:45-1212-PB-L, 12'x12'x3' 45-1616-PB-L, 16'x16'x3'  45-1620-PB-L, 16'x20'x3' 45-2020-PB-L, 20'x20'x3' 45-2028-PB-L, 20'x28'x3' 45-2032-PB-L, 20'x32'x3' 45-2040-PB-L, 20'x40'x3'  45-2060-PB-L, 20'x60'x3' 45-2424-PB-L, 24'x24'x3' 45-2836-PB-L, 28'x36'x3'  45-4848-PB-L, 48'x48'x3' 45-100100-PB-L, 100'x100'x3' New Replacement Sizes, Now Also Available in 4’ Sidewalls:45-21213-PB-L, 21'x21'x3' - Stinger [...]

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Product Update: Poly-Overpack 110 Salvage Drum

The ENPAC Poly-Overpack 110 Salvage Drum, previously known as the 1240-YE, has been re-designed and now holds the part number 1040-YE. The 1040-YE unit includes all of the same great features as the old 1240-YE but now has double start threads which require only a half turn of the lid to tightly secure your leaking drums.This upgrade reduces in-field labor [...]

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Welcome to the New ENPAC.COM

As the original manufacturer of the very first threaded plastic salvage drum, ENPAC has been protecting people and the planet for nearly 30 years with its comprehensive line of spill containment equipment.With a focus on innovation and quality, we are determined to bring our customers the most advanced products to maintain compliance. Our staff of [...]

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ENPAC On The Job

Tough, durable ENPAC IBC 2000i containment units on the job at a mine site in Northern Australia. An Isreali Army unit practices fuel handling techniques on field exercises. ENPAC Stinger berms offer rapid deployment and material safety, regardless of the location or the mission. Emergency response workers in Australia train to enhance their skills in dealing [...]

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